The Journal of Sexual Medicine is pleased to offer Continuing Medical Education activities as an on-going feature of the journal.

Program Objectives
Continuous participation in the Journal of Sexual Medicine Continuing Medical Education (CME) program will prepare the participant to more effectively:

  • Discuss the impact of gender and age on sexual function and dysfunction;
  • Evaluate sexual function as a risk factor for other diseases and conditions, and the impact of other conditions on the patient’s sexuality;
  • Communicate with the patient who potentially suffers from sexual dysfunction, including developing improved sexual history taking and patient-centered skills;
  • Accurately diagnose sexual dysfunction in both the male and female patient, and correctly differentiate between sexual dysfunction and short-term, or transient, alteration of sexual function;
  • Construct and implement treatment regimens and management strategies for both the male and female patient suffering from sexual dysfunction, incorporating pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic therapies;
  • Identify and manage the patient with problematic or deviant sexual behavior;
  • Manage abnormalities of sexual development and gender identity disorders;
  • Practice sexual medicine, in concert with existing legal and ethical standards;
  • Interpret the literature according to evidence-based principles;
  • Construct research and prepare sexual medicine-related scientific manuscripts.

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